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Mrs. Jessica  Addison
Instructional Supervisor
(270) 887-7000
Email Mrs. Addison
Mrs. Melanie  A Barrett
Director of Pupil Personnel
Email Mrs. Barrett
Mr. Mike  Brumley
Director of Transportation
(270) 887-7109
Email Mr. Brumley
Mrs. Tammi  Buckingham
Special Education
Email Mrs. Buckingham
Rita  Colley
Email Rita Colley
George  Copeland
Email George Copeland
Mrs. Jessica  Darnell
Director of Finance
(270) 887-7000
Email Mrs. Darnell
Todd  Deason
Email Todd Deason
Mrs. Karen  Edwards
Secretary to the Superintendent
(270) 887-7001
Email Mrs. Edwards
Mrs. Nena  Francies
Secretary to Operations and Adminstrative Officers

Email Mrs. Francies
Mrs. Mary  Ann Gemmill
Email Mrs. Gemmill
Mrs. Summer  Hamby
(270) 887-7022
Email Mrs. Hamby
Mrs. Jeri-Ellen  Hancock
(270) 887-7007
Email Mrs. Hancock
Ms. Lisa  Hancock
(270) 887-7007
Email Ms. Hancock
Ms. Susie  Hartline
Director of Strategic Planning, Federal Programs, Grant Writing
(270) 887-7000
Email Ms. Hartline
Mr. Brad   Hawkins
Chief Operations Officer

Email Mr. Hawkins
Mr. Trevor  Herndon
Maintenance Supervisor

Email Mr. Herndon
Ms. Anita  Hopson
Director of Elementary Education
(270) 887-7000
Email Ms. Hopson
Ms. Shawna  Johnson
Front Desk Receptionist
Email Ms. Johnson
Mrs. Derrisha (Dee)  Jones
Secretary to Special Education Dept.
(270) 887-7004
Email Mrs. Jones
Ms. Joyce  Jordan
Benefits Coordinator
(270) 887-7007
Email Ms. Jordan
Megan  Kidd
Head Nurse, Crofton
Mrs. Michelle  Ladd
Director of Special Education, Preschool
(270) 887-7015
Email Mrs. Ladd
Mrs. Heather  Lancaster
Director of Communications, Public Relations/Webmaster
(270) 887-7018
Email Mrs. Lancaster
Mrs. Tracey  Leath
District Assessment Coordinator, Instructional Supervisor
(270) 887-7000
Email Mrs. Leath
Mrs. Ruth   Lynch
District Discipline Coordinator/Minority Recruiter

Email Mrs. Lynch
Rebecca  Martin
Email Rebecca Martin
Mrs. Sandra  McIntosh
Director of Food Services
(270) 887-7009
Email Mrs. McIntosh
Mrs. Laura  Morris
Chief Administrative Officer
(270) 887-7024
Email Mrs. Morris
Regina  Morris
Secretary to Chief Instructional Officer
Email Regina Morris
Mrs. Vicki  Myers
Director of Personnel, Payroll
(270) 887-7002
Email Mrs. Myers
Mrs. Sarah  Newman
Regional Community Early Childhood Council Coordinator

Email Mrs. Newman
Brandon  Nott

Email Brandon Nott
Mrs. Tracy  Pelletier
District Technology Coordinator
Email Mrs. Pelletier
Brad  Stephenson
Email Brad Stephenson
Mrs. Kim  Stevenson
District Discipline Admin

Email Mrs. Stevenson
Shea  Walker
Email Shea Walker
Mrs. Amy  Wilcox
Chief Instructional Officer
(270) 887-7000
Email Mrs. Wilcox
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