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What is STLP?

The Kentucky Department of Education's Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) uses project-based learning principals to empower student learning and achievement through the utilization (and creation) of technology based solutions to school and community needs.

STLP is open to all students.

STLP allows students the opportunity to demonstrate what they know in various ways called categories.

STLP taps into the students' interest and can challenge and motivate them.

STLP provides a means for students to design, create, collaborate and learn.

The Six Goals of STLP are:

1. Develop activities that enhance the academic, social and emotional growth of the student.

2. Provides leadership opportunities for all students.

3. Experience multi-age collaboration by forming innovative learning partnerships.

4. Form learning partnerships between students with different technology skills.

5. Develop activities which integrate technology and benefit communities.

6. Develop instructional activities which integrate technology and benefit the school.

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