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Computer Tools for Teaching and Learning

This page provides links to a collection of the most useful tools for learning.

District TRT Resource Pages -

General Productivity Tools

Google Pack is designed to provide a basic set of software to enhance one's personal productivity.  Google Pack contains a free office suite, which includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software.

Freemind is free open-source mind-mapping software.  Both PC-Windows and
Mac OS-X versions are available.

Webspiration- An online version of Inspiration

Open Office 3.0- Sun Microsystem's open source office suite.

CMap- Cmap is a free concept mapping program.

Dia - An easy to use open source program for making diagrams.  Comparable to Microsoft Visio.

GimpShop - Is Photoshop too expensive?  Try this open source program.

CutePDF - Do you need to produce pdf files?  CutePDF makes them quickly.This requires that two files be downloaded and installed, CutePDF and Converter.

Open Source applications- available in a version that will fit on a flash drive.  Go to:

VLC Video Player- This is an open source video player that will play almost any video, including some that Windows Media Player won't.

Zamzar- Free online file converter.  This website allows you to convert between many kinds of video, document, and image formats.

Web 2.0 Tools

The Filamentality tour provides a tour of a process that provides an extremely easy way to publish your own website reviews using easy fill-in-the-blank forms.  Take the tour by clicking on the large arrows at the bottom of each page.   When you are ready to make your own Filamentality webpage click here.

Class Blogmeister provides you with an opportunity to record a journal of your own thoughts online and comment on other student's entries.  Please note that this is a moderated site and I will have to approve anything you write before it is seen by the public.

VoiceThread allows you to publish an image, or series of images from a PowerPoint presentation, or a video for comments by your colleagues or classmates.  This is a great tool for getting feedback for your class projects.

GlobalEd Tools

Why limit your learning to the local classroom?  Why not connect with other classrooms around the world?  There is an abundance of tools that will allow you to make productive connections.  Here is my short list.

Teacher's Guide to International Education:  Links to all the major players in International Education complied by the Department of Education.

ePALS:  One of the most school-friendly GlobalEd communities.  ePALS combines moderated email with school blogs and a database of global projects for teachers to connect.

TakingITGlobal:  A social network to foster the use of IT (Instructional Technology) for addressing global issues.

iEARN:  Another social network that fosters collaborative global education projects.

VIF:  Visiting International Faculty provides international teachers to your classroom.

Global Visits: An organization devoted to setting up exchanges and cross-cultural visits to foreign countries.

Skype- Version 4.0 of the video social networking software.

Student Production Tools

Kid's Vid: Video Production:  Provides instructions on how to script, make, edit and publish your own video.

Audacity- Open source audio editing program.  For a tutorial on how to use Audacity for podcasting, click here.

CamStudio- Screen capture program to create avi or swf streaming video.

Molecular Visualization Tools

Molecular Workbench

Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning

Using Microsoft PowerPoint

·          As a teacher presentation tool

·          As a student choice for reporting or completing assignments brought to you by Intel Education

·          Find teacher examples and PPT files to use:  (on our teacher share drive) S:\PowerPoint Presentations

Using Microsoft Publisher

·          As a newsletter format or brochure

·          Synchronize your video clips with PowerPoint using Microsoft Producer

Using Microsoft Word

·          Making forms or tests

·          Creating interactive documents or interactive assignments (Example 1) (Example 2) (Shared from Henderson Co.)

Using Microsoft Excel

·          Students use Excel to enter formulas (

·          Students use Excel to create graphs with the chart wizard

·          Create backgrounds and use comments in Excel: U.S. Map.xls

Using GOOGLE in the Classroom

·          Google Guide PDF

·          Google Tools for Your Classroom

·          Google Classroom Activities

·          Google Book Search

·          Google Calendar

·          Google Docs & Spreadsheets and Templates

·          Google Earth

·          Google Groups

·          Google Literature Trips (must have Google Earth installed)

·          Google Maps

·          Google News

·          Google Page Creator

·          Google Picasa

·          Google Search

·          Google Sites

·          Google SketchUp

·          Google Sky

·          Google Writing  Educators' Guide

·          55 Ways to Have Fun with Google

KET Encyclomedia


·          Please contact your building STA  to set up your CCPS account.


Photo Story 3

·          Free, downloadable program from Microsoft to help create digital stories for the classroom.

Smart Board

·          Free, downloadable Smart Activities

·          Gallery of educational templates/clipart for designing lessons

·          Lesson Portal

·          Basic Lesson Search

·          THINKFINITY