Arts & Humanities

Art Project Index: Lesson plan index for a wide variety of art projects.

Geometry Through Art: A wonderful site for finding printable graphs, grids, and patterns to teach students about art and geometry.

The Incredible Art Department - High School Lesson Plans: Lesson plans for students at the high school level.

Arts&Crafts: Grades PreK-12. This site contains over 100 activities for students in the area of arts and crafts.

ArtsEdNet - Image Galleries and Exhibitions: Contains a wide variety of artworks by many different artists. Includes clickable works for enlargement and information about each work. Indexed by subject area and artist. Also contains works by students.

Elementary Art Lessons: Has a large list of links to art activities and lessons for elementary students.

Art Edventure: A nice site for a variety of art lessons and activities. This site contains ideas for studying art, creating art, and teaching art. Also contains art games.

Art Across the Board: Grades K-12. Contains an extensive list of lessons to integrate art into any curricular area.

Artists and Art History: Grades K-12. A wonderful resource lessons using specific artists works.

Early Childhood Art Lessons: Art lessons for students in Preschool and Kindergarten.

Junior High/Middle School Lessons: Art lesson plans for students in grades 6-8.

Drawing Lessons: Grades PreK-12. A nice list of drawing lesson plans to use with your students.

Art Projects by Barbara Sonek - Stained Glass: Grades 3-12. Contains a list of many stained glass art projects for students.

ArtsEdNet - Lesson Plans: Grades K-12. Art lesson plans indexed by grade level.

Art Lessons for Elementary Students: Has several art lessons for students in the elementary grades.

Sculpture and Collage: Grades K-12. This site contains a great list of lesson plans for using sculpture and collage with your students.

Drawing lessons: Grades 4-8. Contains free drawing lessons including illustrated lesson notes for teachers and students.

Design Arts - Lesson Plans: Grades K-12. A great site for lesson plan ideas for students of all ages, incorporating a variety of curricular area.


Movement&Dance: Grades PreK-12. Contains several neat activities for movement and dance.

Performing Arts - Lesson Plans: Grades K-12. Activities integrating performing arts and a variety of other academic areas.


Drama: Grades K-12. A great list of drama activities to do with students of all ages.

Dramatic Play: Grades PreK-2. Contains a list of 13 lessons for early elementary education students.

Drama Teachers Resource Page: Grades 1-12. Most links are for older students. Contains links for several lesson plans for drama teachers.

Drama Exercises: Exercises and activities to get your students ready to perform on stage.

Performing Arts - Lesson Plans: Grades K-12. Activities integrating performing arts and a variety of other academic areas.


Glossary of Music Terms: Alphabetical list of musical terms and their definition. Also contains links to a variety of useful musical resources.

Music: Grades PreK-12. Most links are for early elementary. Contain several wonderful units covering a variety of music topics. This site includes introductory and intermediate music theory lessons, ear trainers, and books. Requires Flash.

Multimedia Music Theory Tutorial: Contains a concise summary of important concepts in music.

Elements of Music Notation: Basic introduction to reading music. Learn note names, clefs, staff, and signs. Worksheets and answer keys included.

Easy Music Theory Lesson Plans: Contains several pages of music theory lessons including instruction sheet, quiz, and answer sheet.

Glossary of Composers: This site contains an alphabetical list of composers including their biography. Also contains audio samples of the composers works.

The Musical Intervals Tutor: This site was created as a study aid to help students learn the sounds of the basic musical intervals from minor second to perfect octave.

Mr. B's Music Tutorial: This site was created by a music educator for students. It contains a guide to self study covering music reading, piano, guitar, composers, and music history.

The Basics of Reading Music: Online tutorial by Kevin Meixner.