Business Education

Edustock: An educational web page designed to teach students what the stock market is. Includes tutorials on the stock market and a free 20 minute delay Stock market simulation on the WWW.

Researching Companies Online: A step-by-step tutorial for finding free company and industry information on the World Wide Web.

Invest Smart: Offers a FREE stock market game, investment lessons, and real-life examples.

Cameron Balloons Virtual Factory: This site includes information on the way a company is organized. Includes explanations, worksheets, theories, and much more. Free mini-lesson and marketing links available at this site. Real-world examples are used to teach students about the world of marketing. Lemonade Stand: Offers an interactive game where your job is to run a street-corner lemonade stand. This is a really neat game that teaches the concepts of supply and demand and their affects on business.