Career/Vocational Studies

Headhunter: This site provides a number of services aimed at the worker, employer, and/or recruiter. Contains a large database of active job listings in many professions.  Also contains more than 200,000 resumes.   Designed for  job seekers and professionals.  View lists of employment opportunities in all fields or post your resume and let employers seek you out.

Life's Playbook Online: This site is designed to help students achieve their personal best. It offers chat rooms for teens, new interactive monthly themes, and resources for parents and teachers.

Career Planning Process:  Offers online self-assessment tests and exercises to help you choose a career.  Then you may follow up on any number of the preparation strategies presented.

Silver & Black Career Attack!: A simple WebQuest that explores careers related to professional sports.

National Programs:  A great list of government programs for the improvement of vocational and adult education.  Contacts for each of the programs are included.

JobWeb:  Contains an abundance of information and resources for undergraduates to professionals.  This site contains job outlook reports, search sites, career guides for the novice or professional, and publication and templates for any office.

Career Magazine: Designed to meet the needs of networked job seekers.  Also helpful for students exploring career and job skills. Includes a job openings database, resume bank, employer profiles, articles and news, and much more. 

CareerPlanit:   This site explores careers from an undergraduate's perspective.  Contains professional tips, contact a career counselor and/or get information on internships and academically related work throughout North America.

Career Adviser:  Contains important information on all careers. For additional Web sites click the Education and Human Resources category.

O*NET Online: Users may browse or search occupational information by job title, skills, or by interests, knowledge, or activities. Snapshots of professions go into a fair amount of detail as skills required, worker characteristics, and experience needed. The more sophisticated features on this site make it appropriate for older high school, college students and adults already in the work force.

Occupational Outlook Handbook: A nationally recognized source of career information. This handbook is revised every two years.  The handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earning, and expected job prospects. 

Pro2Net: A comprehensive online resource for students and professionals in accounting, financial services, human resources, insurance and law.

Futurework - Trends and Challenges for Work in the 21st Century: From the US Department of Labor.  Explores the rapid changes in the American workplaces and workers. Detailed reports examine trends in the workforce, wages, work and family, workplaces, technology, and globalization.

FutureScan: Interactive guide for teenagers that shares general career advice and focused information about becoming an architect, attorney, environmental consultant, or veterinarian.