Early Childhood

Babyschool: This site includes articles about teaching infants to read. Also includes a downloadable software program.

Child Development Website: Includes a tutorial, links to resources, and message forum.

Childfun: Provides resources for childcare providers, educators, and preschool teachers.

Early Childhood Development Unit: This site provides advice, support, and information about early childhood education.

Early Childhood Educators' and Family Web Corner: A large site containing information about early childhood.

Early Childhood Educators Web Guide: SITES

Early Childhood.com: Ideas and advice for new parents.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood EducationI Am Your Child: Contains information on early child development from age zero to three.

MENC Early Childhood SRIG: This site contains information on the  on early childhood music education.

U.S. National Committee of OMEP: World Organization for Early Childhood Education.

Universal Pre-K: Contains information provided by Bank Street College about publicly funded pre-school services.