Health & PE

AskEric - Health: Grades K-12. Lesson plans for activities in a wide variety of health related topics.

Health, Food, and Nutrition: Contains a wide variety of lesson plans for health related topics. Site is indexed by subject.  Each subject index is further broken down by grade level. 

Teachers Net Health Lessons: Grades PreK-12. A nice site for several health lesson plans.

Physical Education

Physical Education - Lesson Plans: Grades PreK-12. This site contains a list of activities for students categorized by grade level. 

PE Central - Assessment Ideas: A great site for physical education assessment information including a wide variety of different forms of assessment.

AskEric - Physical Education: Grades K-12. Contains lesson plans for activities including games, motor skills, gymnastics, outdoor activities, and team sports.

Sports Media - Physical Education Lesson Plans for Everyone: A very extensive list of activities for every topic known in the field of Physical Education. List is indexed alphabetically.

CanTeach - Physical Education: Grades K-12. Lesson plans for activities in varied physical education subjects including active living, dance, games, and team sports.

PE Central - Instructional Resources for PE Teachers: Providing important information,, products and resources to physical education teachers.

Physical Education Lesson Plans: Grades K-12. Over 80 different lesson plans/activities for students submitted by teachers across the world.

PE Central - Health & Physical Education Lesson Plans: Grades K-12. A plethora of lesson plans for physical education and health broken down by grade level and subject. PE Dance: Contains a list of links for information on a variety of dances.

Frank & Mikes Physical Education Page:  Lesson Plans Page:  Grades K-12. Contains many activities for physical education students of all ages.  Site is indexed by grade level. Also contains lessons that are connected to other content areas.

PE Central - Adapted Physical Education: A great resource for defining adapted physical education.  Also contains information IEP's, adapted equipment, activity adaptations, and definitions for common disabilities.