Survey for Parents of Students with Disabilities

Survey for Parents with Students of Disabilities

Dear Parents and Guardians,

CHRISTIAN COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS and the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) value your input and want to hear about your experience as a parent or guardian of a child with an Individual Education Program (IEP). The information you offer will give the KDE and CHRISTIAN COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS valuable data on how to improve parent and family engagement.

To collect your input, we ask that you complete a brief survey about how the school supported parent or guardian engagement to improve services and results for your child during the current school year. Specifically, we want to hear about how your child’s school involves you in the special education process.  The survey is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Somali, Swahili and Amish. All responses are anonymous and cannot be traced back to you or your child.

 The online survey can be completed in three ways:

1.      Go to and select “Click here to access the 2023 Parent Survey.” 


3.      If using a printed copy, the sealed envelope can be returned to your child’s special education case manager, and they will ensure it is sent to the appropriate location. You may also mail the completed survey to the address below:

Human Development Institute

c/o Tony LoBianco

1525 Bull Lea Rd. Suite 160

Lexington, KY 40511


Only one parent or guardian per student should complete this survey. However, if you have more than one child with an IEP, please complete the survey for each of your children.

Survey results will be carefully studied by the KDE and the Human Development Institute (HDI) at the University of Kentucky (UK) and reported to the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). The results will help us further understand what supports parents and districts may need to ensure meaningful parent and family engagement in special education.

The deadline for completing this important survey is June 30, 2023. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Michelle Ladd, Director of Special Education at 270-887-7000 or

Thank you for your help.


Michelle Ladd

Director of Special Education