Test-to-Stay Program to Begin Monday Sept. 27th

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Beginning Monday, September 27th Christian County Public Schools will implement an optional “Test to Stay” program for staff and students who have a Covid school acquired close contact.

Under the “Test to Stay” program, CCPS students and staff who have a Covid school acquired close contact may take a Covid test to ensure they are Covid negative. The “Test to Stay” clinic will be available each school day in the Performing Arts Center at Christian County Middle School, from 6:00am – 9:30am. This clinic is for school acquired close contacts (students and staff) only. A parent/guardian must transport their student to the PAC and must sign a consent form (one consent form for the 5 days of testing after exposure). A lab form can be downloaded on the CCPS website and must be completed by a parent/guardian each visit. Staff/Students who test Covid negative will receive a permission slip to check into school that day.

The parameters for this program are:
1. “Test to Stay” is Optional. Staff/Students opting out of “Test to Stay” must quarantine at home for 10 days.
2. Covid school acquired staff/students can be tested on the day of known contact if the test site is open.
3. Covid school acquired staff/students are to be tested a total of 5 school days, excluding weekends. Weekends are considered negative tests.
4. Weekends are included in the total of the 7 days required to test out of quarantine Covid household acquired close contacts cannot test out of the 10 day quarantine and are not eligible for “Test to Stay”.

Anyone with questions may contact CCPS Health Director Megan Kidd, at 270-887-7000.