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(Certified Positions)

The traditional route to teaching in Kentucky includes the following: 

  • Bachelor's Degree: The first step is to complete a bachelor's degree in education or in a specific subject area that you intend to teach. Kentucky requires a bachelor's degree for teacher certification.

  • Praxis Exams: Kentucky requires passing scores on the Praxis exams, which assess the basic skills and content knowledge required for teaching in specific subject areas.

  • Apply for Certification: After completing your teacher preparation program and passing the required exams, you can apply for certification through the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB). Certification requirements may vary depending on the grade level and subject area you intend to teach.

  • Background Check and Other Requirements: Kentucky requires a criminal background check as part of the certification process. Additionally, you may need to fulfill other requirements such as completing training in CPR and first aid.

  • Professional Development: Once certified, teachers in Kentucky are required to participate in ongoing professional development to maintain their certification.

It's important to note that specific requirements may vary, and it's always a good idea to check with the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board or your chosen teacher preparation program for the most up-to-date information.

The Kentucky General Assembly, under KRS 161.048 has enacted alternative routes to teacher and administrator certification for persons who have demonstrated exceptional work and/or educational experiences. There are eight options for alternative teacher certification under state statute. Unsure which option is best for you? Complete this form (by the Kentucky Department of Education) to determine which pathway you should explore‚Äč. 

With an offer of employment, and if your district has no qualified applicants for the position, you may be eligible for a 1 year Emergency Certification.

Email: KDELicensure@education.ky.gov

**Special education applicants are NOT eligible for Emergency Certification.

CCPS Board of Education in partnership with WKEC voted to approve funding to support a teacher Rank change program.

Rank change programs allow certified teachers the opportunity to earn their Rank 1 while dedicating 4 years of service to Christian County Public Schools in exchange for the tuition subsidy. 


Support Personnel with CCPS!

(Classified Personnel)

Day to day operations would not be possible at CCPS without our PHENOMENAL support staff, also called classified employees. These positions are available throughout the district and requirements vary based upon the job descriptions. Check out our available posted positions or learn more about classified positions below.

If you need immediate assistance when completing the application, please reach out to Roxanne Smith at 270-887-7002

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Contact for questions regarding opportunities with CCPS.


  • A copy of your KY Teaching Certificate is required for a certified position
    • If you have a valid teaching certificate outside of the state of Kentucky, please visit the KDE website to complete an application. A CA-1 may be obtained by visiting https://kecs.education.ky.gov/ You will be required to set up an account and complete a CA-1 application. Any questions about certification should be directed to 1-888-598-7667 at the Kentucky Department of Education.
  • A copy of your Transcript is acceptable until employment. An official transcript must be filed when an individual is employed.
  • Three completed Letter of References (3) forms are required.
  • The applicant is solely responsible for ensuring that all employment credentials are in order. No applicant may be considered until all requirements are met.

Substitute Teachers

  1. If you are interested in substitute teaching, you must submit a copy of your college transcript verifying at least 64 college hours from an accredited college or university and a 2.5 grade point average. An official transcript must be filed when an individual is employed.
  2. Three completed Confidential Letter of Reference forms are required upon completion of an application.

Instructional Assistants and Tutors

  1. If you are applying for an instructional assistant or tutor, you must turn in a transcript verifying at least 48 college hours or provide proof that you have taken and passed the Para-Educator Exam. The exam is given at Hopkinsville Community College; call 707-3925 to make an appointment.
  2. Para-Educator Exam Study Guide



  1. A copy of your high school diploma, GED, or college transcripts is required to complete your application.


To apply, visit; http://www.applitrack.com/christian/onlineapp

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