Federal Programs & Grants

Federal Programs include a variety of federal grants that provide supplemental financial support to meet the unique needs of students throughout Christian County. Those programs include:

  • Title I to provide services for economically disadvantaged students to improve academic achievement.
  • Title II to provide funds to improve teacher and leader quality through professional development.
  • Title III to provide funds for instructional support for students with limited English proficiency.
  • Title IV to provide all students with access to a well-rounded education; improve school conditions for student learning; and improve the use of technology in order to improve the academic achievement and digital literacy of all students.
  • Title V to effectively improve the quality of instruction and student academic achievement (RLIS).
  • Extended School Services (ESS) to provide funds for tutoring students failing or at-risk of failing. These services are commonly known as “after-school tutoring.”
  • Title I, Part D Subpart 2 to provide support for neglected & delinquent services and dropout prevention.
  • Title I, Part C (Migrant Education Program) to provide educational services to migrant students and families.
  • Impact Aid is designed to assist the United States local school districts that have lost property tax revenue due to the presence of tax-exempt Federal property, (such as Fort Campbell) or that have experienced increased expenditures due to the enrollment of federally connected children.


District Title I Annual Meeting Video


Tracey Leath

Dr. Tracey Leath
Director of Federal Programs (270) 887-7000

Crystal Szczapinski

Administrative Assistant


Brandi Williams

Account Clerk 


Migrant Education

Veronica Hicks

Ross Peterson

Gabriela Steinmetz


EL Teachers

Dr. Vicky Barnes

Ainny Berenguer

JoAnne Brame

Mary Calhoun

Lindsay Christopher

Gracie Darnell

Gayle Holder

Tina Mullins



Vickie Perry