CCPS Health Services/School Nurses

Megan Kidd
Megan Kidd, RN

For questions, please contact:

Megan Kidd, RN, District Health Director

(270) 887-7000

The health, well-being, and safety of students are priorities within Christian County Public Schools. Our school nurses provide care to the students of Christian County every day - whether it be administering prescribed medications, oxygen saturation monitoring, catheterizations, tracheostomy care, and many other health needs.

Many health referrals also get sent to the nurses daily from the classrooms. The nurses are also responsible for auditing and maintaining up-to-date health records for all students. Our goal is to help keep students happy and healthy to maintain a great learning experience.

For a list of KDE Health Forms, please visit:


Immunization/KDE Health Requirements Document

Immunization/KDE Health Requirements Document- (Spanish)

School Nurses

Christian County High School - Stephanie Estes, RN

Christian County Middle School - Angela Boggess, RN

Crofton Elementary School - Renae Brooks, RN

Freedom Elementary School - Chelsea Ladd, RN

Hopkinsville High School - Tracy Lamblin, LPN

Hopkinsville Middle School - Kathy Travis, LPN

Indian Hills Elementary School - Brianna Boggess, LPN

Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School - Blair Arnold, RN

Millbrooke Elementary School - Elizabeth Foster, LPN

Pembroke Elementary School - Allison Arvin, RN

Sinking Fork Elementary School - Lisa McIntosh, RN

South Christian Elementary School - Rebecca West, RN

District Float Nurse - Miranda Barnett, RN

District Float Nurse - Brett Lartigau, RN


Wellness Information & Forms