2023-2024 NTI Guidance

What is non-traditional instruction (NTI)?

  • Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) days were granted by the Kentucky Department of Education and can be utilized by a district when necessary (i.e. inclement weather or widespread illness) as a means to provide instruction so that make-up days are not added to the calendar.
  • At any point in the year, CCPS students may be asked to participate in NTI.
  • For periods of NTI, students will be tasked with reviewing previously learned material as well as new material.
  • Grading requirements will be consistent with regular face-to-face instructional practice.

CCPS will communicate through multiple means when school is canceled. The announcement will be made no later than 5:30 AM (or earlier) through our Infinite Campus Messaging all-call system, text, local and regional news outlets, district webpage, and social media. 


Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to complete assignments corresponding to the NTI day which was called (NTI Day 1, NTI Day 2, NTI Day 3 etc...). 
  • Elementary students' assignments can be found on Google Classroom or pre-arranged by the teacher(s) as packets, choice boards, reading assignments, or such.
  • Middle school and high school students' assignments will be logged on Canvas or may be pre-arranged by the teacher(s) as packets, reading assignments, or other predetermined assignments.
  • Students may want to check Dojo or Remind apps for additional instructions or communicate with teachers.


Teacher Expectations

  • Classroom teachers are expected to be available to support students or parents should questions arise.
  • Special Education or English Learner services and accommodations should be communicated to those students prior to the first NTI Day. 


Parent/Caregiver Expectations

  • Encourage students to complete assignments for the called NTI Day.
  • Check to make sure all work is complete.
  • Communicate with teachers when encountering questions or points of confusion,