Where can I get a list of the school holidays?

The school calendar is posted on our calendar page.

A family member watches my child while I am at work. Can I give them permission to take my child out of school early?

During your child’s registration process, an emergency contact form is presented for you to fill out. There is a place on this form to list alternate people who are able to pick up your child from school. Anyone of these people can pick up your child as long as they present a valid picture ID of themselves.

How can I schedule a parent/teacher conference?

To schedule a parent/teacher conference, contact the front office of your child’s school. You will then be directed to the person who will set up a conference with your child’s teacher. Please visit our schools' websites to find the telephone number of your child’s school.

When are report cards issued?

The report card schedule can be found on our school calendar. Please visit our calendar page for the complete schedule.

How many days can a student be absent?

Our Code of Acceptable Behavior gives more information on absences.

What happens when a student is truant or has unexcused absences?

The State of Kentucky requires all districts to file with the Court when a parent or student fails to enroll or the student fails to attend school. The parent will receive a warning issued by a Truant Officer prior to the filing of the court document. Click here for more information on truancy.

Can I enroll a student if I am a step-parent?

No, only parents or legal guardians can register a student. If you are the legal guardian, you must bring legal documentation with you.

Where can I view my child's grades online?

You can view your child's grades, discipline, and attendance records through our Parent Portal. You will need to go to the guidance department of your child's school to get your password. Don't forget to bring a picture ID to get your password.

How do I get school transcripts?

If currently enrolled, contact your child's current school. If you are a previous graduate of Christian County Public Schools and are seeking a copy of your transcript, please contact the front desk at the central office at 270-887-7000.