Home School

To withdraw a child from Christian County Public School for homeschooling, the following procedure must be completed:

· Notify the Director of Pupil Personnel in writing that you are withdrawing your child from the Christian County Public Schools for the purpose of home schooling.

· List the names, ages, grades, and place of residence of each of your children in attendance at your school home.

· KRS 158.080 requires that instruction be offered in English and in the areas of study that are taught in public schools as found in the Program of Studies. This is to include reading, writing, spelling, grammar, history, math, and civics.

· KRS 158.080 states the minimal school term is 185 days, which includes 175 days of instruction and 10 non-instructional days.

· KRS 158.070 states the minimal school term includes no less the equivalent of 175 six (6) hour instructional days.

· KRS 159.040 requires that attendance records must be kept. The records must be readily available in case of inquiry.

· KRS 130 gives the Director of Pupil Personnel the authority to investigate any case of violating the compulsory attendance laws.

· When the child returns to public school, KRS 158.040 and 704 KAR 3:307 require the grade placement be carried out by examination or by student performance.