Dear Parent/Guardian,

Each school year, Christian County Public Schools (CCPS) is financially impacted by the presence of federal activity in Kentucky. Our school division is funded primarily by local and state taxes. However, due to the large federal presence in our area and the significant tax exemptions available to federally-connected personnel, businesses, and agencies, CCPS is eligible to apply for federal assistance. We need your help in identifying students with federal connections.

Impact Aid is a federal formula grant program designed to assist local school districts that enroll federally-connected students. Federally-connected students are children of active duty uniformed services personnel, children who live on federal property, or in a subsidized federal housing, and children whose parents work on federal property.

The Student-Parent Survey, attached to this memo, is used to support our request for Impact Aid funds via Title VIII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Please complete a separate survey form for each school-aged student in your household. You should complete:

Add or Update any information that has changed or is blank or in a yellow highlighted box as it relates to your household to the following areas:

1.       Parent/Guardian Employment Information: Uniformed Service
2.       Parent/Guardian Civilian Employee Working on Federal Property
3.       Parent/Guardian Contracted Employee Who Reports to Work on Federal Property
4.       Parent/Guardian/Student Living in Public Housing

We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in supporting the work of CCPS.


Christopher Bentzel