thePAC Facility Rental Information

Thank you for inquiring about renting ‘thePAC’. To begin the application process, please fill out the Facility Application and the Conditions of Rental as completely as possible and sign both documents.

Once completed, make a copy of these documents for your reference should we call with any questions. Either return the completed documents to ‘thePAC’ office or scan them to Chris Nahlik

Your greatest expense will be due to the length of time you spend at ‘thePac’ and what you do during that time.

Please contact us should you have any questions, or need any assistance. Thank you.


Facility Rental Introduction

Who May Use

Christian County Schools Performing Arts Center (thePAC) shall be available to responsible and organized groups for purposes related to the performing arts that provide demonstrable benefit to the schools or to the community as a whole. Further, it is the intent of the Christian County School Board of Education to make the facilities as accessible as possible to the community while neither unduly interfering with instruction at Christian County Middle School (CCMS) nor causing the district to assume excessive financial responsibility. The PAC will not be rented to for-profit organizations for the sole purpose of making a profit nor for private parties i.e. anniversary, birthday, etc…


The Board shall require the Renter to assume all liability for injury to individuals by reason of the rental of Board property and that the organization indemnify and save harmless the Board from any loss or damage thereby.


All use of the facility by non-Christian County Schools organizations shall assume sole liability for any personal injuries incurred during their use of the facilities and shall hold the Board harmless from any such claims against it. Proof of liability insurance (a minimum of $1,000,000) naming the Christian County Schools Board of Education as additional insured under the policy is required.


Availability & Cost

The PAC Director shall determine when and which PAC facilities will be available and establish reasonable fees for their renting. Said fee will be based on the nature of the activity and the Renter and on minimum rates pre-determined by the PAC Director.


Activities that are sponsored by approved Christian County Schools’ student organizations, employees’ groups, or school-related parent groups may use school facilities without being charged a fee when approved by the PAC Director and supervised by a PAC staff member and an adult group representative at all times. No deposit is required for such usage but the organization involved will be held accountable for any and all damages incurred due to their usage. In addition, the need for a certificate of liability insurance is waived for all such activities. However, if admission is charged for the event, the renter from CCS will pay the tech fee of $30 per hour during the Tech Rehearsal and Performance. No charge for set-up or tear down times.


Conditions of Renting

Renting of thePAC facilities is subject to the following conditions:

1. Renting will be made only to responsible and organized groups. An official representative of that group must sign all necessary documents.

2. Conditions of the Contract are set forth in the Facility Application and Conditions of Rental. The Contract as well as these supporting documents and any applicable Addendums, which are incorporated into the contract, controls the conditions of renting the facility.

3. The Renter prior to contract signing must obtain any and all additional provisions, permissions, conditions and agreements to cover the use of copyrighted materials.

4. A security deposit and proof of insurance are due at contract signing unless both parties have agreed to other arrangements.

5. Following the event, a Final Invoice for rental services and for any additional fees (unusual damages to facilities, additional services, supplies, hours, etc.) will be presented for payment.

6. Payment will only be refunded if the PAC receives written notification of the Renter’s cancellation no later than thirty days prior to that organization’s scheduled usage date. If cancellation occurs after that date, the PAC shall keep the payment to cover expenses incurred or lost due to the forfeiture of the renting.