Request for Public Information

COMMUNITY RELATIONS                                                                                                10.11

Access to Public Records

Public Information

In accordance with the Kentucky Open Records Law1, it shall be the policy of the Board to make accessible to the public those public records identified in KRS 61.872 as available for public inspection. Inspection may be made during the regular office hours of the custodian of the records and/or under the conditions and restrictions specified in KRS 61.872. Citizens may, upon proper application and as specified in KRS 61.872- KRS 61.884, make abstracts, memoranda, and obtain copies of records which are available to the public. Fees shall be charged to cover the cost of making copies and postage, if any; such fees will not exceed the actual copying and mailing costs. Staff costs shall not be included in the fee. Inspection of records shall be made under the supervision of the custodian of the records or the custodian's designee, and copies shall be made only by properly authorized District employees.

Office of Educational Accountability

The Office of Educational Accountability shall have access to all public records and information on oath as provided in KRS 7.110. The Office shall also have access to otherwise confidential records, meetings, and hearings regarding District personnel matters, including files maintained in electronic format. The Office shall not disclose any information contained in or derived from the records, meetings, and hearings that would enable the discovery of the specific identification of any individual.


Records protected by KRS 61.878 shall not be made available to the public, except under court order as provided by KRS 61.878, KRS 61.880, and KRS 61.882.


Information from educational records shall not be released except in conformity with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, as amended.2


1KRS 61.874; KRS 61.876; KRS 61.878; KRS 61.880; KRS 61.882; KRS 61.884

2Kentucky Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act