District/School Website Maintenance

The website(s) is managed by the Christian County Communications Department; however, it takes all Christian County Public School staff to maintain the accuracy and relevancy of the website. When viewing the website, please make note of any inaccuracies or untimely information. When possible, staff should correct the information or notify the district or school webmaster of the inaccuracy or irrelevant information.

Email contacts at the information below:

District Webmaster: Johnna Brown- johnna.brown@christian.kyschools.us

Elementary Contacts

Crofton Elementary- Sharon Lowe- sharon.lowe@christian.kyschools.us

Freedom Elementary- Chris Guier- chris.guier@christian.kyschools.us

Indian Hills Elementary- Danielle Robinson- danielle.robinson@christian.kyschools.us

Martin Luther King. Jr. Elementary- Melissa Adams- melissa.adams@christian.kyschools.us

Millbrooke Elementary- Jerri Fowler- jerri.fowler@christian.kyschools.us

Pembroke Elementary- Barbara Meriwether or Felicia Chapman- barbara.meriwether@christian.kyschools.us or felicia.chapman@christian.kyschools.us

Sinking Fork Elementary-Angie Leek- angela.leek2@.kyschools.us

South Christian Elementary- Anna Goode- anna.goode@christian.kyschools.us

Middle/High School Contacts

Christian County Middle School-Chris Nahlik- chris.nahlik@christian.kyschools.us

Hopkinsville Middle School-  

Christian County High School- Karen Greene- karen.greene@christian.kyschools.us

Hopkinsville High School-  

Gateway Academy to Innovation and Technology- Alicia Lancaster- alicia.lancaster@christian.kyschools.us