Partners in Education

The Christian County Public Schools and the Christian County Chamber of Commerce Partners in Education program connects our public schools with local businesses, organizations and individuals in an effort to enrich and support student achievement. PiE can take on many forms. Some examples include;

- tutoring students
- volunteering in schools
- donating cash and equipment
- providing career speakers
- facilitating tours of local businesses for students and teachers
- providing job shadowing opportunities
- classroom assistance
- before and after school programs
- providing employees time off to be involved in schools

The scope of the school partnership will be based on the needs of the school and the skills and interests of the supporting partner. The key to success is creating a relationship that benefits everyone involved. The PiE Program offers businesses and organizations the opportunity to take an active role in educating students, while also being proactive in developing future workers who will enhance our local economy, creating a positive impact on the community in which we live and work.

Thank You